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    I have a low credit score – can i get a mortgage ?

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    Okay broad brush answer – it depends ! on why you have a low credit score.

    YES theere are many lenders out there now , who will just do a credit search rather than requiring you to have a certain score. If you have a low score because of a bad credit profile, then its the credit profile the mortgage advisor needs to know about as the low credit score itself might not be the main issue, it may be that you have 4 late payments on a credit account for example.

    It may be a low credit score – simply because you are young and havent built up enough credit history to be given a higher credit score. so there might be nothing wrong just you’ve never borrowed !

    Best thing to do is get hold of your experian credit report and send it into the mortgage advisor so they can look at why you have a low credit score and get the best mortgage deal based on your circumstances.

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