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    I would like to buy my first house but recently found out that I had a CCJ against my name. Due to a change in address I did not find out about the CCJ until it was too late to repay within the one month time limit but as soon as I did I repaid the amount (£1,200) in full and so the CCJ is now satisfied but obviously still appears on my credit record.

    I am employed, have no previous issues with repayments of credit cards etc and have a 40% deposit to put down. I would really appreciate any advice on whether the option of taking out a mortgage with a high street lender would still be open to me at this point?

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    Hello, as i start many posts off. ” it depends !….”

    It would all depend when the ccj was issued and when it was settled, the fact that you have a 40% deposit should really stand you in good stead to get a better rate. Soe lenders dont like to see any ccjs in the last 12 months, others dont mind as long as they are dettled at completion.

    Given your circumstances you really do need to speak to a mortgage advisor to ensure you get the best deal. They can search across all uk lenders and make sure you fit onto certain lenders deals before you apply.

    hope that helped !

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