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    I’m in a current IVA but want to settle / clear it early, is this possible , how do i go about it and can I get a mortgage whilst in an IVA ?

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    Yes many people look to settle their IVA’s early, for a variety of reasons, some feel they took out the IVA without realising the full implications of it. Others just need to move on with their lives and find the IVA too restrictive.

    You can remortgage to clear an IVA, the key thing is that the new mortgage will be upto 75% ltv of the property max, and if you are remortgaging to do this, just be careful with wwhat you think your property is really worth, as we often see valuers assessments come in 5% – 10% lower than what clients think. Look on Land reg .gov for sold prices in your street in the last 12 months to get a better guide for the local sold prices.

    Then just apply to a mortgage broker who understands this part of the market for advice on suitable dals and products, let them guide you into what is acheiveable before contacting your IVA company. As they will will to know how much you can rasie and proof you can raise it before putting any offer to the creditors, – so its best to talk to the mortgage person first , make sure of borrowings and then put ina good solid offer to the IVA firms.

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